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How does water retention agent biodegrade

How does water retention agent biodegrade

Lisa Original 2020-12-02 16:05:53

What is super absorbent polymer (SAP)?

SAP Potassium Polyacrylate is a new functional  material with good water absorption and water holding capacity.
It can absorbing, retaining or blocking liquid – SAP Water Absorbent Polymer can absorb water up to hundreds times of its own weight and turn to water gel.
As a Eco-friendly material, it is totally non-toxic, harmless and nonpolluting.


Super absorbent polymer characteristic:

water absorbing crystals it is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, does not pollute plants, soil and groundwater, fruit trees and flowers, afforestation, soilless cultivation, plant preservation and transportation, field crops, etc.


The biodegradation principle of water retaining agent:

The polymer is sensitive to the action of ultraviolet rays that, by breaking bonds, degrade the polymer into oligomers (molecules of much smaller size.
It thus becomes much more sensitive to the aerobic and anaerobic processes of microbiological degradation.
Super absorbent polymer therefore degrades naturally in soils (up to 10% - 15% per year) in CO2, H20 and nitrogen compounds.

Water-retaining agent is non-toxic and tasteless, and the final decomposition products are water, carbon dioxide, ammonia nitrogen and sodium or potassium ions, with no residue, no pollution to plants, soil and groundwater, and can be used for crop cultivation, afforestation and soilless cultivation, plant preservation and transportation Wait.

The pH of the water retaining agent is close to neutral and will not change the pH of the soil. The water-retaining agent swells into a hydrogel by absorbing water, and its strong water absorption ensures that the plant roots are close to the hydrogel and will not cause root rot, and no matter how scarce external water is, it will not suck up plant water.

The aqueous solution of the water retaining agent is weakly acidic or weakly alkaline and non-irritating.