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Do you know what is hidden in a piece of diaper?

Do you know what is hidden in a piece of diaper?

Lisa Original 2020-11-26 09:08:21

Superabsorbent polymer in baby diapers :

Why can a small piece of diaper withstand the urine output all night? What makes it absorb so much urine and is still dry and breathable without reverse osmosis?
Generally, baby diapers have a four-layer structure: surface layer, conductive layer, absorption layer, and bottom layer.
The absorbent layer is a mixture of polymer absorbent resin (SAP) and fluff fibers. It is the most important functional layer in diapers. It is used to absorb and store urine. The key to a good diaper lies in the absorbent layer, which is also polymer absorbent. Resin.

Sodium polyacrylate is a typical functional polymer material. SAP is shaped like a small bead, most of which have a particle size distribution range of 0.15~0.7mm. It can absorb hundreds or even thousands of times its own weight in water, and has a strong water retention capacity. After absorbing water, it becomes a gel. Therefore, it is also called super absorbent polymer or high water retention agent.

The usage of water retention agent used in diapers:

There are also requirements for the amount of macromolecules. The more sodium acrylates copolymer is added, the more the diaper will absorb. Ordinary baby diapers SAP takes L size as an example, the average dosage is about 10g, while the pure polymer used in impermeable diapers can reach the dosage of 280g per square, that is, the dosage per piece can reach 12g, which can absorb more urine. , To ensure that most babies achieve one tablet per night (6-8 hours).

Are super absorbent polymer sap safe?

In fact, the polymer (SAP) is semi-transparent granular, non-toxic and pollution-free, and will not cause harmful effects on the baby's skin and physiology when using such products. However, if the entrance is indigestible due to its strong water absorption, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in time.


Chinese manufacturer of water retaining agent superabsorbent polymers for baby diapers

Behind a good superabsorbent polymers product, countless hard work and efforts are often condensed. Our water-retaining agent manufacturer has been committed to high-water retention and low-permeability water-retaining agents. In order to make baby diapers more comfortable and comfortable, how to make mothers more comfortable Rest assured, this is also the direction that our Shandong Wilton R&D team has been working hard.