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Artificial Snow

China SODIUM POLYACRYLATE for Artificial snow manufacturer

SODIUM POLYACRYLATE for Artificial snow

Sodium polyacrylate has many favorable mechanical properties. Some of these advantages include good mechanical stability, high heat resistance, and strong hydration. Sodium polyacrylate  has been used as an additive for food products,Ice packs, water beads, toy production, expansion toys, artificial snow decoration, flood bag etc.

China Super Absorbent Polymers - Instant Snow manufacturer

Super Absorbent Polymers - Instant Snow

Super absorbent polymers can absorb and retain liquids in a variety of applications, including baby diapers and potting soil. A common type of SAP, known commercially as "Instant Snow", is a white powder that can absorb hundreds of times its weight in water. In this way, it expands and hardens into white fluff, which looks and feels very similar to snow.