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Economic benefits of superabsorbent polymer

Economic benefits of superabsorbent polymer

Lisa original 2020-11-18 17:28:08

Economic benefits of superabsorbent polymer:

1. Significantly save water and reduce drought resistance costs by more than 50%:  
To increase farmers’ income, we must first reduce farmers’ expenditures and disaster losses. In places with high temperatures and droughts and lack of water conservancy facilities, crops of agriculture and forestry cannot be watered and the harvest fails or even fails.
The application of gel beads  plants can solve the problem of large amounts of watering: in the same place, the traditional irrigation of one mu of wheat requires more than 1,200 m3 of water.
After applying the water retaining agent, only a small amount of rain or irrigation water is required to solve the annual drought problem. Generally, 2/3 of the watering can be reduced, which directly saves up to 70% of water and saves more than 50% of watering costs.

2. Realize a 20%-45% increase in production and increase agricultural income:
The application of China water crystals gel manufacturers  can make the crops have sufficient water for a long time, and significantly increase the germination rate and emergence rate of seeds. Generally, the survival rate of seedlings can be as high as 98%.
And shorten the slow seedling period, enhance stress resistance, and at the same time eliminate the loss of fruit cracking caused by heavy rain or sudden increase in watering after a long drought. Realize a 20-45% increase in grain, cotton, fruit and vegetable production, thereby significantly increasing farmers' income.

3. Effectively reduce the amount of fertilization and increase the use rate of chemical fertilizers:  
Large-scale application of chemical fertilizers not only causes many elements to be wasted due to sunlight decomposition and rain washing, but also causes eutrophication of rivers and lakes.
Water gel  plants can effectively slow-release fertilizer, reduce nutrient loss and save fertilizer by 20-40%. Reduce farmers’ expenditures.

4. Save labor and time, save seedling expenditure and labor input:  
In the case of sand prevention and sand control, closure of mountains for afforestation, and agricultural planting, if watering is required, it is necessary to pick up the machine to draw money and waste money.
The application of Water Absorbent Polymer can prevent watering for two or three months in a continuous drought, solve the labor problem of watering and maintenance input, significantly save watering costs, and greatly increase the survival rate, which greatly reduces seedling expenditures. Further increase the income of farmers.