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SAP-potassium polyacrylate for sludge dewatering

SAP-potassium polyacrylate for sludge dewatering

Welldone www.aquasorbchina.com 2023-08-31 10:42:09

SAP-polyacrylate potassium is used for sludge dehydration. Since SAP-polyacrylate potassium has the characteristics of a highly water-absorbent polymer and high expansion, high moisture retention, and high swelling properties, it can quickly absorb a large amount of water in the sludge. At the same time, the interaction between the polymer chains is used to bind the water in the sludge, thereby improving the dewatering performance of the sludge.

In the sludge dehydration process, first dissolve an appropriate amount of potassium polyacrylate in water, and then mix it with the sludge evenly. Due to the high water absorption of potassium polyacrylate, it can quickly absorb the moisture in the sludge and reduce the moisture content in the sludge. At the same time, the high expansion and high moisture retention of potassium polyacrylate can increase the volume of sludge and help to squeeze out the water in the sludge. In addition, the high swelling property of potassium polyacrylate can slowly release the retained water inside the gel, providing continuous water support for the dewatering of sludge.

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