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  • 1..Model Number:WD-KS02
  • 2..Product name:Potassium polyacrylate
  • 3.Other name:plant water beads, absorbent polymers, Aquasorb
  • 4.Function:Drought control;moisture holding
  • 5.Water absorption:350-1200 times (Customizable)
  • 6.Sample:Free for test

SHANDONG WELLDONE ENVIRONMENTAL NEWMATERIALS CO,LTD. is a worldwide competitor and manufacturer of super absorbent polymer SAP, widely used in agriculture, tree planting,lawn, gardening and hygienic products.WELLDONE Aquasorb superabsorbent Polymer have passed the ISO9001& ISO14001certificates and been spread to North America,Europe,Middle East,South-eastAsia,and Latin America.China potassium polyacrylate wholesales We had been listed as CHINA TOP  polymer manufacturer, annual production capacity beyond 50,000 metric tons.

Super Absorbent Polymer For Agriculture
Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) China potassium polyacrylate is a high molecular polymer with strong water absorption.
After filled with water,water gel for plants will release the water slowly to roots when soil is dry and repeatedly absorb water when rain to keep the plant with plenty of water,SAP absorbent polymers  has the capacity of absorbing 300-500 times of water.and it can save 65%--95% of water. lt is mainly used in agriculture plants, tree planting,horticulture, vegetable and fruits.



WELLDONE SAP miracle gro water crystals Main specification:

    ltems          Index                   
Appearance                      White Powder or granule            
Solid content % 90% min.
Mesh size 5-20mesh & 20-80mesh,80-100mesh     
  Solubility    lnsoluble in water and organic solvents,swells to a gel upon contact with aqueous fluids         
Water absorption rate of distilled water        400min.


WELLDONE CHINA Aquasorb superabsorbent Polymer Characteristics:

*Potassium based
* Functional polymer,swells to a gel upon contact with aqueous fluids.
*Nontoxic,no residue,can absorb and release water repeatedly.
*Enhance soil's water-absorption, water-holding and nutrient preserving capability.
* lncrease soil structure, increase soil's water absorption & soil moisture.

Shandong Welldone Environmental New Materials Co.,Ltd.



Contact Person:Lisa Li


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