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Sodium Polyacrylate Water Gel Beads For DecorateSodium Polyacrylate Water Gel Beads For DecorateSodium Polyacrylate Water Gel Beads For DecorateSodium Polyacrylate Water Gel Beads For Decorate

Sodium Polyacrylate Water Gel Beads For Decorate

  • 1.Type : Crystal Soil
  • 2.Place of Origin: Qingdao, China
  • 3.Brand Name:WD
  • 4.Product name: Gel Water Beads/Transparent Jelly Pearls /Crystal Water Gel Bead
  • 5.Color:12 Colors
  • 6.Material:SAP
  • 7.Size:2.0-2.5mm,2.5-3.0mm,3.5-4.0
  • 8.Application:Toy,Spa,plantitng,decoration,water gun bullet
  • 9.Absorption:4-8 hours
  • 10.Feature:Non-Toxic,odorless,colorfast, durable,reusable
  • 11.CAS:9003-04-7

Product Description:

Round-bead-type water-absorbent resin is abbreviated as water-absorbent bead, which is a kind of high molecular polymer with a sodium-based material with strong hydrophilic groups that is cross-linked to form a network structure.

CHINA SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMER SODIUM POLYACRYLATE WATER GEL BEADS A new type of material with the functions of water absorption and water retention and flavor absorption. After the product absorbs water, it becomes a crystal-like material with a good water retention effect. Water drops are widely used in plants, handicrafts and interior decoration; It is also used in the production of various odor fresheners or cooling products, cold storage products, etc.


Product tone:

Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, orange, black, white

Product specifications:

    Type      Particle (一)  Particle(二)  Particle  (三) Particle  (四) Particle (五) 
Size <0.5mm 1-2mm 2-2.5mm 2.5-3mm >3mm
Package 25kg per bags  25kg per bags 25kg per bags 25kg per bags 25kg per bags


Application range:


Planting: strong water absorption, the weight can reach 120-180 times its own weight after full water absorption, suitable for planting indoor foliage plants or indoor hydroponic plants that like dampness and strong water adaptability. For details, please refer to the crystal mud product introduction.


Fragrance: The colors are diversified, and are divided into red series, yellow series, blue series, green series, purple series, transparent and other gorgeous colors. It can be placed in wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, pillows, drawers, cars, handbags, toilets, etc., and can also be placed in various crafts. Not only has the decorative effect, but also can achieve the effect of improving air quality-it can oxidize the air, repel mosquitoes, decompose second-hand smoke, eliminate peculiar smell, calm the nerves, relieve stress, etc.

It can be used as a good water-retaining material. It can be used as ice pads, ice caps, and ice belts. It is also the best substitute for future sanitary materials, such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence diapers, etc. The product has higher liquid absorption and liquid retention capacity, and the product has many advantages such as fast water absorption, good water retention performance, and not easy to shrink.


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