K+ Agriculture Grade SAP

China Potassium polyacrylate for Soils and Substrates manufacturer

Potassium polyacrylate for Soils and Substrates

Potassium polyacrylate for Soils and Substrates when incorporated into a soil or  substrate, absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients. 

China Biodegradable Super Absorbent Polymer For Avocado Seed manufacturer

Biodegradable Super Absorbent Polymer For Avocado Seed

Potassium Polyacrylate | Gel lncrease Crop Yield 20%. Water retaining agent will ensure the water supply reduces irrigation frequency of the avocado seedlings , improves the survival rate of avocado seedlings increases yield.

China Super absorbent polymer Potassium polyacrylate  for soil manufacturer

Super absorbent polymer Potassium polyacrylate for soil

WELLDONE CHINA  Super Absorbent Polymer Plants  Hydrogels Save Soil Water 50% with strong gel water absorption capacity and biodegradable.

N+ Hygienic Grade SAP

China Sanitary Pad manufacturer

Sanitary Pad

Fast suction of blood 
High absorption capacity 
Good gel strength and moisture resistance 

China Baby Diapers  manufacturer

Baby Diapers

High Cerrifuge Retention Capacity 
Narrow Particle Size Distribution 
Balanced Permeability 
Low Rewet 


China Gel Ice Pack  manufacturer

Gel Ice Pack

Soft feel and nice appearance             
Effectively curb the breeding of bacteria  
More effective. Its specific heat is 3-4 times than ice


China WHAT IS SAP? manufacturer


Super absorbent polymer is a high molecular polymer with strong water absorption, mainly used in agriculture plants, tree planting, horticulture , vegetable and fruits, flower, etc.
China SAP for Hygienic Products manufacturer

SAP for Hygienic Products

NSAP is mainly used for diapers for babies and adults and sanitary pads for women , ice pad , cable water-blocking powder , oil drilling fluid etc .
China Technical results of SAP manufacturer

Technical results of SAP

SAP Enhances plant growth;Holding water and reduce irrigation frequency;Increase the yield of crops

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