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The role and use of sodium polyacrylate

The role and use of sodium polyacrylate

2023-07-10 18:14:47

(1) Enhance the adhesion of protein in raw flour.
(2) Combine the starch particles with each other, disperse and penetrate into the mesh structure of the protein.
(3) Form a dense dough with a smooth and shiny surface.

(1) Used as corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors, water quality stabilizers, coating thickeners and water retention agents, flocculants, drilling mud treatment agents, etc.
(2) Used as a filter loss reducing agent in the low-solid phase drilling industry.

More about the role and use of sodium polyacrylate:

(1) Strong water retention, so that the moisture is evenly maintained in the dough to prevent drying.
(2) Stably disperse the grease components in the raw materials into the dough.
(3) Form a stable dough colloid to prevent soluble starch from oozing out.
(4) As an electrolyte, it interacts with protein to enhance the viscoelasticity of food and improve tissue.

(1) It can be used in combination with other water treatment agents for oilfield water injection, cooling water, and boiler water treatment.
(2) It is used for circulating cold water treatment of copper equipment, and its scale inhibition effect is good.