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Ice gel raw material SAP - SAP material for gel ice pack manufacturing

Ice gel raw material SAP - SAP material for gel ice pack manufacturing

welldone www.aquasorbchina.com 2024-01-19 10:33:44

Material name: Sodium polyacrylate, referred to as SAP, super absorbent resin

product description
SAP raw materials can be used in the production of ice gel. Sodium polyacrylate super absorbent resin has super water absorption properties and is the main material for the manufacture of gel ice packs.
The appearance of SAP material is powder or granular (before absorbing liquid), with micro-particles of 30-80 mesh. Keep it cool and dry during storage. SAP material takes on a gel form when hydrated.
Since gel ice packs are mostly used in medical, food and other human contact areas, the level requirements for gel ice packs are relatively high. SAP material is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, and is a sanitary-grade raw material for making gel ice packs.

We recommend that you choose WELLDONE as the main raw material of ice gel, SAP (sodium polyacrylate). The raw material of SAP is produced in Shandong, China. It is shipped directly from the manufacturer. It has brand guarantee and excellent quality. It is your best choice for manufacturing gel ice pack materials.

The minimum order quantity for gel ice pack raw material SAP is 1 ton, which is packaged in 25kg kraft paper bags. Customized packaging is also available.

Advantages of our SAP raw materials:
1. Low product consumption, high production efficiency, simple process and low cost: 1 gram of sodium polyacrylate can absorb 300 grams of pure water. Each gel ice pack containing about 1 gram of sodium polyacrylate is sufficient.
2. High absorption capacity: 1g SAP super absorbent polymer can absorb 300 times of water
3. Safe and non-toxic: Super absorbent polymer is also a material for baby diapers, etc.