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China Transporting Cut Flowers  manufacturerChina Transporting Cut Flowers  manufacturer

Transporting Cut Flowers

  • Resistance to Heat Shock & No Leak


When it is combined with soil or substrate, it can absorb and retain a large amount of water and nutrients. As with most hydration products.


The difference is that WELLDONESAP soil water-retaining agent has the characteristics of easily releasing the water and nutrients that have been absorbed and conserved, so it ensures that plants can obtain water and nutrients at any time according to the function of the absorption and release cycle.




Indoor ecological landscape


Welldonesap soil water retention agent can effectively maintain soil moisture, increase plant root nutrient supply, increase survival rate, and reduce maintenance times.


Flower Market 


Extend the flowering period, reduce maintenance costs, and delay wilting.


Transporting Cut Flowers 


Improve survival rate, maintain freshness, and prolong flowering.




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