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  • 1. Dry Matter :85% - 95%
  • 2.Appearance of the product : Dry = white powder ; Hydrated = transparent gel
  • 3.Particle size : Powders, micro granules, granules
  • 4.Maximum absorption (in w/w)* : ≥350 in deionized water;150 in soil
  • 5.Dosage : 50g-80g per tree

Product Description:

Super absorbent polymer (China hydrogel superabsorbent crystals sale ) is effective in the planting of trees, bushes, and samplings. It makes it possible to reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and to enhance root development and therefore bring about more rapid growth and production.

Its maximum water absorption is as high as 13-14kg/cm2, and it can absorb 300-400 times of its own weight. Since the water absorption of tree roots is mostly 17-18kg/cm2 , the roots of forest trees can directly absorb and store water. The water in the agent, and the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out by ordinary physical methods.

This characteristic of  China Water Retention Polymer supplier determines the wide application of water retention agent in tree drought-resistant and water-saving plant cultivation.


Test Results:


In arboriculture,SAP reduces the summer mortality of young trees due to transplanting shock by 40% with respect to the control group.



Method & Dosage:

●Dig a hole about three times the volume of the root system.
●Mix 1 to 2 kg of WELLDONE SAP per m3 into the earth fill.
●The polymer must be evenly mixed into the exca- vated soil. A small amount of untreated soil must be set aside.
●Place the root ball of the plant at the bottom of the hole and fill in the hole with the treated soil. Make sure that the product is distributed evenly around the roots. Then cover the surface with 5 cm of untreated soil to prevent degradation of the polymer by ultraviolet rays and stagnation of water on the surface.
●Be especially careful not to put unmixed dry pro- duct at the bottom of the hole. After hydration, the product would destabilize the plant.


Recommend WELLDONE SAP product  :

WD-KS01 WD-KS05 with granule.


1 to 2 kg/m³ of soil ; Or 100-150g/Tree for adult tree ; 50-80g/tree for fruit tree (young tree)


Package & Delivery :



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