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Technical results of SAP

Technical results of SAP

Lisa Li Original 2020-09-23 18:27:31

Case 1 :

--SAP Enhances plant growth

Water and nutrients are continuously available in the root zone for optimal absorption by plants.

Impact of SAP use on Eucalyptus survival rate during the implementation phase(%)


Case 2 :

--Holding water and reduce irrigation frequency:

Promote the growth and development of crop root system, increase the length and number of roots, and maintain good growth under drought conditions.

Impact of SAP use on corn yield(China Agricultural University)(T/Ha)


Case 3 :

--Increase the yield of crops

Increase production by 20%-45% and increase agricultural income

Applying KSAP can make crops have sufficient water for a long time, and significantly improve the germination rate and emergence rate of seeds. Generally, the survival rate of seedlings transplanting can be as high as 98%.

Impact  of   SAP  on  corn  yield  on  large  scale  plots(T/Ha)


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