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Super absorbent polymer Applications

Super absorbent polymer Applications

Lisa Original 2020-12-09 13:57:24

Hydrogel for large-scale agriculture

Usage 15 -30 kg per Hectare dosage, along with seeds hole application or ditch application to the soil around the seed, the seed germination rate can effectively improve and promote seedling growth. Gets success planting corn in the U.S, pature in arid area of Inner Mongolia, potatoes grown in Cape Verde Africa, and melon yield increase more than 70%.

Water retention agent special for lawns and sod

Potassium polyacrylate is very easily used throughout the growth cycle of lawns and sod. They ensure good germination, faster root development, and regular and even growth of lawns. The rooting of sod is also faster. They are widely used in landscaping for golf courses and grass in parks and gardens.

Water retention agent special for mixing with fertilizers

To reduce leaching of nutrients in the superabsorbent polymer can be mixed dry into fertilizer preparations. The behavior of plants fertilized with this mixture makes it possible to maintain or even increase yield while at the same time protecting the environment from leaching. Manufacturers’ test results also show better root development of the plants.

Water retention agent special for horticulture

Water retention agent for horticulture can be added to the soil when plants are planted, which will increase the survival rate of plants, increase the drought resistance of plants, facilitate plant generation, and reduce garden care costs.

Sodium polyacrylate For Diaper

Sodium polyacrylate SAP for diaper has good permeability , strong absorptive capacity and maintenance ability. It will not happen to return infiltration phenomenon under a certain pressure.

Sodium polyacrylate for Lady Sanitary Napkin

SAP for sanitary napkin has fast suction of blood, high absorption capacity, good gel strength and moisture resistance. The strong absorption capacity and water retention ability in women`s sanitary napkin can keep dry and comfortable.