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SAP sodium polyacrylate price

SAP sodium polyacrylate price

Welldone www.aquasorbchina.com 2023-10-09 12:03:16

SAP stands for super absorbent polymer material, which is sodium polyacrylate.

The price of SAP sodium polyacrylate is affected by many factors, such as your purchase quantity. When purchasing the minimum quantity of 1 ton and purchasing the quantity of 10 tons, the quotation of SAP sodium polyacrylate may have different degrees of discount.

SAP sodium polyacrylate price

In addition, the suppliers of SAP sodium polyacrylate are located in different regions, and the prices will also vary. For example, when you choose a Chinese SAP sodium polyacrylate supplier, the price is relatively more favorable than that of SAP sodium polyacrylate suppliers in other regions, while the product quality is the same, and the product quality may even be better because of the perfect production process of the Chinese factory.

Secondly, raw material prices, production costs, market supply and demand, etc. will also lead to price differences.

If you need to know the specific price of SAP, you can first contact our Welldone SAP sodium polyacrylate supplier to obtain a quotation and test samples to test product quality. Thank you for your attention.