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SAP for agricultural seeds

SAP for agricultural seeds

Welldone www.aquasorbchina.com 2023-09-19 15:11:33

SAP used in agricultural seeds mainly plays the role of water retention and moisturizing. SAP is a high molecular polymer with super water-absorbing properties and can absorb and store large amounts of water.

In the process of agricultural seed sowing, the use of SAP has the following main functions:

1. Water retention: SAP can absorb and retain a large amount of water, preventing water loss or evaporation. This helps keep the environment around the seeds moist, providing good growing conditions.

2. Moisturizing: SAP can release absorbed water and maintain the moisture of the soil or substrate. This helps the seeds receive a continuous supply of water during germination and growth, improving their survival rate and growth rate.

SAP for agricultural seeds

3. Reduce the frequency of irrigation: Due to the water retention properties of SAP, it can reduce the frequency of irrigation. In arid areas or situations where water resources are scarce, using SAP can make more efficient use of limited water resources and reduce irrigation costs.

4. Improve sowing efficiency: SAP can be mixed with seeds to improve the mobility and dispersion of seeds during the sowing process. This helps seeds to be evenly distributed in the soil, improving sowing efficiency and crop yields.

In general, the application of SAP in agricultural seeds can provide good water retention and moisturizing effects and promote seed germination and growth. However, specific usage methods and dosages should be adjusted and controlled according to different crops, soil conditions and seed varieties to ensure the best results.