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WELLDONE biodegradable super absorbent polymer Water Retention for Crops

WELLDONE SAP®  is a Potassium-based, cross-linked polymer, with a particle size of 1 - 2 millimeters (1,000 - 4,000 microns). That makes it ideal for being placed in-furrow at the time of planting, or to be broadcast along with fertilizer prior to planting.

Super absorbent polymers have the ability to absorb, retain, and release moisture to  plant  root  systems.  In addition, they are known to improve soil structure and nutrient retention.


BENEFITS of Potassium Polyacrylate

China  Potassium-based agriculture polymer Improves  early  plant  health

•Enhances root and plant growth, while helping maintain moisture in the soil profit

•Save on costs of water, fertilizer, and labor

•Convenient and easy to use

Absorbed water and nutrients  are  able to target the root zone, increasing utilization.

•Improved germination and increased moisture availability occur during early plant  development.

•Decreased plant stress results in healthier plants and increased yield.




Trials utilizing WELLDONE SAP® have been conducted across the country. Yield results for crops versus control groups of some of these trials include:
•Illinois:    - 8.4 bushels of soybeans per acre increase
               - 18.9 bushels of corn per acre increase

•Mississippi:- 6 bushels of corn per acre, 9 bushels of corn per acre increase



         WELLDONE SAP®WD-KS02 In-Furrow                                    5 - 10 lb. / acre                                   
         WELLDONE SAP®WD-KS05 Broadcas                        15 lb. - 20 lb. / acre




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